We fully appreciate the financial markets since it’s our main operating engine. By sharing our expertise with others, we will be working with immense passion to create a genuine community where traders can belong. Using years of experience in the foreign exchange markets, we will educate our students in order to insure their success in the practical field of trading.

We look for like-minded people, who are eager to learn and genuinely support their colleagues; while also focused and have the hunger to thrive and grow. We welcome people from all ages and backgrounds, in addition to experienced traders who have an open mind for learning new techniques.

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  • Program Description

    This program’s primary objective is to equip the students with the right tools in order to trade the capital markets. Using simplistic methods, we will allow each and everyone of our students to enhance their skillset and most importantly, their mindset which is key. We intend to share our knowledge with our students, ultimately offering them the freedom to work wherever and whenever they want.

  • Meet Your Instructor

    Mr. Elie Younan our Chief Executive has dedicated his life into studying the markets and analyzing them. Being a part-time trader himself, he decides to share his expertise and offer his 8+ years of experience to his students. Mr. Younan is a Harvard alumni with an extensive background in portfolio management and asset management.

  • Program Design

    Introductory Module
    At first, students will attend introductory lessons in order to follow up on our techniques and methods. Module one will be split into two main categories. Introduction to trading and Introduction to investments.

    1) Introduction to Trading
    The introductory module for trading will introduce our simplistic method in order to trade the markets (FX, indices and commodities). We follow one school and one school only which is price behavior. Whilst disregarding all technical indicators, we use a simplistic approach and study the price behavior and psychology. Feel free to checkout our introductory video containing detailed information concerning our Modules

    2) Introduction to Investments
    The introductory module for investments will introduce our fundamental study for the stock market. Assessing each industry including pharmaceutical, technological, airline, banking, retail, etc… Each industry possesses its own structure and we shall cover each and every one of them. We will be reading out 10-k reports, analyzing the VIX index and many more. Feel free to checkout our introductory video containing detailed information concerning our Modules.

    3) Psychology
    Given the natural emotional attachment to the monetary value; we believe that the main engine behind any strategy would be to master the art of psychology. Our team will help out our students manage their emotions and enhance their emotional awareness in order to rationally analyze and implement their trading decisions.

    4) Content
    This introductory module is set to equip you with the right tools in order to start your trading journey. We will cover:
    1. Major definitions
    2. Introduction to our chart analysis
    3. Introduction to fundamental analysis
    4. Introduction to macroeconomic events analysis
    5. Introduction to Risk Management - Equities
    6. Introduction to Portfolio Management (Active vs Passive)
    7. Emotions in trading
    8. How trading practically works
    9. Which broker to choose and what is a suitable initial investment

    5) Prerequisite material
    In addition, students will gain free access to all of the required material (videos, platforms etc…). Students must only have access to a personal computer in order to follow up and grasp the full experience of the program.

    Advanced Module (pre-requisite Introductory Module)
    After offering you the technique, we shall teach you how to refine your strategy in order to make your technique more suitable for your character. After acquiring the advanced tools, we shall teach you how to backtest the overall strategy yourself and gain confidence in the strategy by checking how much it would yield over the past years. In addition, we shall provide you with additional information once you are all set and done with our Introductory module.

  • Program Length

    After completing the introductory module, students will gain access to the advanced level of our program which will be introduced to them once they are done with the introductory module. The advanced module has a unique aspect where it offers an unlimited time frame. In other words, the more you decide to stay with us the more we will offer advanced tools and techniques, thus there are no limited time frames for this module.

  • Program Schedule
    Each student will be offered a one to one session so the time frame is extremely flexible in order to match the convenience of each student. Each student will be allowed two sessions a week. One which is meant for learning the technique and another which is meant for applying the technique and forecasting for the week ahead.

We will equip you with the right tools in order to trade the markets and reach out to your true potential as a trader, thus by entering to an industry with limitless opportunities.

1) Experience the thrill of the financial market’s ever-changing environment
2) Grasp the moment in your daily life by structuring a work-life balance that fits your own needs
3) Enhance your analytical skills while acquiring the skills needed to trade the markets
4) Engage with a like-minded, laser-focused and genuine community

Program Fees
The program will be priced on a monthly basis so that we offer our students the utmost flexibility within their subscription plan. Prices will be $250 for all the 8 private sessions, offered twice a week per month.
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