Are you a Startup?

We believe in the Lebanese talent thus we have decided to initiate the SIP program to help potential startups reach their full maturity. Not only we will be conducting an in depth feasibility study with a detailed forward guidance on the macro and the micro environment, but also we will be offering an enhancement for the startup ecosystem allowing them to reach out to potential investors. We are great at what we do in terms of understanding our client’s culture by integrating their day to day operational habits, while also offering them the momentum required to kick in potential barriers to entry and launch their startup. We shall be your right arm for all your funding and financial needs.

For those of you who are willing to make the extra step, we are willing to offer full financial advisory coverage for you and your team. Grasping your financial system and enhancing its aspects in order to offer a more efficient performance. Our advisory department will be fully dedicated to your startup’s short term and long term financial goals.
A concise and well-detailed study of your startup that includes earnings, sales, and growth valuations. Such a study will presented to interested investors seeking to fund your initiative.
A valuable and crucial report on market trends for the month ahead. This report offers your startup the macro and micro outlook needed to adjust your competitive strategy.
Getting your startup up and running online. This service will grant your initiative a special place on our website, along with a much-needed marketing campaign that helps you gain exposure onto potential investment opportunities.
Basic Bundle
  • Feasibility Study
  • Market Analysis
  • Marketing Campaign
Pro Bundle
In addition to the basic bundle, we offer a full financial advisory including full corporate restructuring in order to reach full management efficiency and achieve a strong entry and exit strategy while meticulously mitigating potential risks that might arise.
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